Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tim Holtz workshop

Wow the kids have finally gone back to school today!It has been lovely to have them home but I am glad they have gone back today. Routine has gone out of the window and the house is in total disarray lol. It has also finally given me chance to write a post on my amazing time at the Tim Holtz workshop in Coventry. Here's a picture of what I made.

It's an amazing Tag book made using a ruler binder!I love how its turned out. I have still got some work to do on the inner pages but I have got plenty of time this week to get it finished now!
I had such an amazing afternoon at the workshop and learnt some really great tips and techniques. We got to use the new layering stencils which I so want but had sold out by the time we got there :-(
Here are some images of my afternoon, I had took some more but my phones camera just isn't playing ball at the moment :-/
Tim and Mario were great and really helpful. We had so many different things to play with and they kindly let us bring lots of goodies home including all the stuff we used in class, including stamps, markers, ink, stain, loads of ideaology goodies, and tissue tape. They then even gave us a signed copy of a compendium of curiosities 2 and a cool bag. It's the best workshop I have done so far and I cannot wait for them to come back for the next one!
 Tim signing the cool aprons they gave us
The start of class and time to get inky :-)

Some of the goodies we got to use in class

Our tags once we had distressed and stencilled them

Seriously inky fingers lol

My finished and assembled book ready for me to add images and journaling when I got home.

Here are some of the samples that they had on display of the new CHA

There were so many other things I took pictures of that came out really blurry I was so cross when I got home. I think that the tag book that we made would make such a lovely gift so I am going to make them for friends for Christmas. I loved the fact that you weren't panicking if you were doing everything the same as everyone else and could add a bit of your own style to the books, and the fact. That you don't need a million and one things to make them.

Well that's it for today, am looking forward to lots more creative time in the next couple of weeks before I get back to college.